1. Introduction

O RAE DDLE is affiliated with Korean Women's Hotline and is the nation's 1st shelter founded in 1987.


The shelter provides refuge for women suffering from physical, sexual, emotional and economical violence in the home.


Support for the independent life and treat the aftereffects of violence damage through medical assistance, legal assistance and feminist counseling.



2. Admission Guide

"O RAE DDLE practices equal communal living within a feminist sisterhood."


․Requirements/Qualified: Women suffering from violent damage by a family member, former husband, or a roommate. (Boys under the age of 10)

Protection Period : Within a sixth month range

Protection Details : Confidentiality for admission to the fact, provide board and lodging, feminist counseling, medical assistance, legal assistance, preschool child are sent to school

Inquiry : Korean Women's Hotline 02)3156-5400

Korean Women's Hotline Domestic Violence Counseling Center 02)2263-6464.


3. Main Support Guidance


Violent damage survivor support

-Protection support : provide board and lodging, secret protection and personal safety

-Counseling support : feminist counseling, group counseling(Adult, Children)

-Cure Recovery Program : Enhancement of Sense of Community, communication training, family therapy, reading therapy, art therapy, expression art therapy, trip for ego growth, children play therapy

-legal assistance : consultation with a lawyer, preparation of the statement, linked free law structure for divorce settlement custody alimony suit

-Medical assistance : medical wage license issue, therapy support about physical mental aftereffect of violence damage

-Child Security: accompanied transfer entrances, linked class after school programs and so on.

-linkage for independent : Linked employment training program utilizing regional social resources

-Self-help community : loom women meeting


Research development and policy suggestion activity

-Debate and international symposium host

-Workshop and manual development for shelter activists

-Related book publication and video production

-Policy development and suggested activity for domestic violence and victim protection and support


Linkage regional social activity and solidarity

-Women violence related institution meetings(hospitals in region, police, public office, community relief)

-Shelter individual and community counseling show host meeting

-Korean domestic violence victim protection facilities conference activity

-Korean Women's Hotline shelter(10 shelter) meeting

-Solidarity activity for government policy intervention (Electron government response meeting)



4. Sponsor Guidance


Cheer up the spirits of women, and children.

Show kindness and warmth to sheltered families.


All donation, goods used toward the support of victimised women and children can be used as a tax deduction at the end of the year.


Sponsor Inquiry : 02-2256-5400/ hotline@hotline.or.kr

Sponsor account : Hana Bank 128-910002-01505 (Account holder : Korean Women's Hotline)




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